Welcome to Joni's Garden

Joni has long loved the garden and gardening. Flowers and Foliage are her greatest passion in her garden.

"Gardening is both an addiction and therapy all in one", she has been known to say often to friends. The hard work and sweat that it takes to have a beautiful garden is well rewarded with beauty and satisfaction.

I (John) have grown to love these green friends also. However, I also love photographing them - and prefer that to the hard work - dirty part of gardening. That is not to say that my hands are not often dirty and my back sore!

Jonisgarden.com is the result of my wanting to share the beauty found in "Joni's Garden".

It won't take long for you to notice that the gardens are not perfect. As much as we would love to have "perfect" gardens, lack of time and nature itself contribute to the more natural look of Joni's Garden. We admire a well manicured yard yet are not driven to making ours precise. After all, it is more about the beauty that God has made than what we have done with it.

Joni and I both hope you enjoy Joni's Garden with us.

Joni's Garden Joni's Passion - John's Photography Playground
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